Specialist leather cleaning and treatment

One of the most neglected area's of general car care is the Leather after all is only skin and must be treated in much the same way as your own skin. Without proper cleaning and protection dirt and sunlight will take its toll on your leather interior and overtime it will dry out , crack. and become dirty and unattractive.

Here at Wash and Wax we only use the best products recommended by the leading manufacturers of some of todays supercars. and some of the U.K's leading car enthusiasts clubs.

If your car has leather seats and they are dirty and cracked we can restore them to a much better finish using a specialist cleaner and conditioner. Our leather cleaner not only shifts the grime from leather, but also replenish the natural oils that keep the leather soft and supple. This treatment will also give your car that new leather aroma once again.

We recommend this treatment at least every six months to keep your leather looking its best, but ofcourse as the customer you can have it as much as you wish.


The below picture is a half treated example of a badly neglected seat, Although is is highly recommended that you don't allow your leather to become this dirty as this seat has suffered some irreparable damage.

Please click picture for larger image