Welcome to our Valeting section

All our Valets can be tailored to your individual needs please call us to discuss the appropriate valet for your car. Please note we do not aim to be the cheapest around as we work on Quality not quantity and we are sure you will be highly satisfied with all of our work.

                  The Service Valet

A good quality entry level inside and out valet perfect for selling your car or just a nice treat.

  • Wheels cleaned
  • Car shampood and hand washed
  • Car dried
  • Arches powerwashed
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Car Vaccuumed inc boot
  • All windows cleaned
  • Dashboard plastics cleaned
  • Aqua wax applied

      From £40.00 (approx 1-2 hrs work)


                                          The Classic Valet

A High quality valet for customers who require a good clean and spruce up on their vehicles.

  • Wheels cleaned
  • Arches power washed
  • Car shampood and hand washed
  • Car dried with plush microfibre towels
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Car vaccuumed inc boot area
  • All windows cleaned
  • Dashboard plastics etc cleaned
  • Car given a coat of our high quality wax
  • Tyres glossed with dressing


        From £50.00  (approx 2hrs work)

                   The Premier Valet

The choice for the customer who requires more than our classic valet and an excellent finish.

  • Wheels and tyres cleaned
  • Arches power washed
  • Car soaked in ph neutral soap and hand washed
  • Car dried with plush microfibre towel 
  • Interior vacuumed including the boot
  • Roof lining steam cleaned
  • Seats and carpet shampood 
  • All windows cleaned inside and out
  • All interior plastics wiped down
  • Tar spots removed from paintwork
  • Hand Wax bodywork with high quality wax
  • Tyres shined with dressing

            From £85.00

   (approx 3-4 hrs work)

Below are our stand alone services for those who require just the interior or exterior of there car valeting.          

                       Premier Interior Valet

  • Car interior fully vaccuumed  inc boot area
  • Carpets & seats shampood
  • Roof lining  Steam cleaned
  • All windows cleaned inside
  • All plastics, dashboard cleaned 

         From £45.00  (approx 2hrs work)

          Premier Exterior Valet  

  • Wheels thoroughly cleaned
  • Arches power cleaned
  • Car soaked in soap and handwashed
  • Car dried with plush microfibre towel
  • Tar spots removed
  • Tyres glossed with dressing
  • A coat of high quality wax applied
  • (Finish dependant on paintwork condition) 

         From £40.00  (approx 2hrs work)

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